CCTV And Jetting Services

A blocked drain, or ineffective drainage system can be a continual pain. It is often a pain that it is too easy to ignore, continually making surface level changes, and ignoring the deeper root of the problem. When there is an issue with your drainage system that keeps recurring, whether it is in a residential, commercial, or industrial system, it is worth fixing properly. One of the simplest and easiest ways to find and fix drainage issues, is with a CCTV survey.

What is a CCTV Survey?

A CCTV Survey uses state-of-the-art CCTV camera technology to examine the interior of your drainage system. By placing the high-tech camera with a live feed into the drain, we can view the inside of the drainage system in real time and view any issues or blockages. This footage can then be examined by an expert drainage engineer, who will be able to identify and report any problems within the system.

How can a CCTV Survey help fix my drains?

By examining the drainage system in close detail and creating a clear and accessible report of any issues present, a clear and structured plan of action can be put together. This means we can quickly and cost-effectively combat any drainage issues in a way that is directly tailored to the situation at hand, which can vary greatly between different properties of different ages and usages.

What are the next steps?

In your survey report, your drainage engineer will make suggestions on the work that needs to be carried out to get your drainage system functioning correctly. We can decide a timescale and price for this work to be carried out, and get the problems dealt with quickly and effectively.

What is Jetting?

Jetting is one method by which your drainage problems might be fixed following a CCTV survey. If there are minor obstructions or debris within your drainage system, jetting will be used to deal with it. Jetting is when we use high pressure water to blast through the drainage system, clearing it out, and getting it back to its best functionality.

Where can I get a CCTV Survey and Jetting Services?

Yari Ltd is proud to provide a range of drainage surveys and solutions to ensure that your drainage system is running smoothly. Contact us today, and a friendly member of our team will be more than happy to talk you through your options and put together a personalised quote to match your needs. Yari Ltd are based in High Wycombe, and provide our drainage solutions throughout London, and the wider UK.

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